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Diploma In Ship Safety Management – 1 Year

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Diploma In Ship Safety Management

Diploma In Ship Safety Management


It is a One Year Diploma Programme

This program has a vast scope in all cruises/cargo Ships etc.

This key role of the Programme is taking care of the Safety Procedures in all types Of Ships.

The shipping industry is one of the fastly developing Industries where every company gives importance to the safety of Ships.

Students completing this course can be placed under the Safety Department in various Roles.

About course

The Health and Safety in Ship Operations Course is a comprehensive look at health and safety, in all its guises and how it operates. This is a wide remit given the extensive areas that need to be covered to give the student a full understanding of all aspects of health and safety as it applies to ships, rigs, ports/mariners
and workers. The course looks at all aspects of health and safety, the laws and regulations which are many and the obligations and consequences for breaches of health and safety legislation.
This training course strives to maintain a broad approach to a complicated subject to enable the student to gain a fuller appreciation of the subject and how in particular it affects them in their occupation.

Diploma In Ship Safety Management

Details About Ship Safety Management Course

Course Content

The course consists of practical workshops and
presentations to reinforce understanding of key
safety concepts, as well as the application of
various safety techniques. While the course has
been tailored to suit a naval audience, it is just as
relevant for safety managers across all functional
areas. The delegates are assessed via open book
assessments throughout the week and continuous
monitoring of their involvement and engagement
in the group workshops

Moto of Ship Safety Management Course
The course aims to provide individuals engaged
in Safety Management with an overall awareness
of the principles and knowledge of practices
within Ship Safety Management, as well as an
appreciation of the tools and techniques required
in the development of a safety regime. The
course also suits practitioners wanting a better
understanding of the application of the theory,
to refresh their thinking and maintain their
knowledge in relation to current practices.